Are you a homeowner who has learned the hard way that many appliance service companies are nothing but cash-grab operations? It’s true, and whether you paid to know that or not, you’ll experience a great difference when you trust your appliance services to Bryan.

Don't trust your appliance repair work to just anyone. We're your experts! You'll always get fair prices, hard work, and quality repair service from our experts. We don't charge extra if we have to work on a Saturday.

Service and Workmanship That Mean Value for You

For instance, we provide you with a quote by phone whenever possible – most other appliance repair companies won’t. We’ll also tell you if your machine is not worth repairing. You may be surprised to learn that many older appliances are indeed well worth fixing.

Serving Northern Illinois since 1985, we have a 95% first-trip completion record and are A+rated by the Better Business Bureau. You'll be provided with a fair price quote before any work begins.

Please take a minute to read some of the tips, questions, and answers below. These will help you learn how to avoid repairs to your dryer and dishwasher.

Clothes Dryers:

  • Don't rely on sensor cycles! Use only time dry as it'll alert you when drying times increase to clean the vent system.
  • When placing a new dryer in your house, or relocating your existing dryer, pay attention to vent length and more importantly number of 90-degree elbows. Follow manufacturer specifications in your manual for these two important measurements.
  • Dryers can catch fire! It pays to hire a reputable service company ( for example, Bryan's Appliance Repair) to clean them periodically.
  • Another concern with every dryer is that the appliance motor draws in lint, and this build-up can suffocate the motor, causing premature motor failure.


  • We suggest very hot water, about 10 degrees hotter than most manuals recommend. Call us at 847-543-1000 for further explanation.
  • Use powder soaps with the least amount of additives.
  • Use a good brand of rinse agent.
  • Pre-rinse! Most food cutters in dishwashers are useless because the covers quickly get plugged. The result is a poor dishwashing job.
  • In some houses, it’s advisable to run hot water at the sink before starting the dishwasher. Call us for details.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you charge for a service call?
A: Yes, and any company that says they don't will collect it in labor and parts.

Q: If you need to order a part, do I need to pay for another service call?

A: No, otherwise we might as well drive around in an empty truck.

Q: What do you think about “high-end” appliances?
A: Many homeowners equate what is called high-end appliances with high-quality appliances, but that's not necessarily the case anymore.

Q: Do you sell parts?

A: Sorry, we don't sell parts. We do in-home service only.

When You Need Appliance Repair or Service, Choose a Square-Dealing Company

Contact Bryan's Appliance Repair today at 847-543-1000 to set up an appointment. We’ll be glad to help you keep your appliances working as long as possible. All our work is 100% guaranteed and we've been accredited with an A+ rating by the BBB.
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"He came to fix our oven on time. He was friendly and took the time to explain the problem and also how to identify the date of the part replaced."

Jess N., McHenry, IL
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